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The Arboretum is located around the nearly 5 acres of grounds of the Pioneer Town Museum.  It was long-time Surface Creek Valley Historical Society member and Pioneer Town Volunteer named Charlie Baker who began the tree planting and maintenance. Charlie was our chief groundskeeper until his very end in  2015, and we dedicate the Arboretum to him; a magnificent example of the many tree varieties that can thrive in our semi-dry altitude.  The Arboretum has become a great educational tool for students and adults alike. Newcomers to our area can view trees first hand as they decide on plantings for their own properties.

The links below are maps of the 3 basic areas; the Welcome Center area, the Chapel area, and the main Arboretum.  If you choose to print any of these maps, please note that they are each 2-pages; a map and tree listings, and are best printed in landscape mode on 8 1/2 x 14 paper. There is also a list denoting many of the known Memorial trees that have been planted through the years.

Thanks to Historical Society and Board Member Nick Greear for spearheading the Arboretum mapping!

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