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The Pioneer Town Museum is staffed, operated, and maintained by an amazing community of volunteers.  It is owned and funded by the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society.  Pioneer Town is an educational feature of how early settlers in the valley lived.  Pioneer Town continues to evolve, and its existence is due to the volunteers, members, and donors that support it.



Maintain and improve an accurate repository for the preservation of the history of Surface Creek Valley and operate Pioneer Town Museum, Welcome Center, Chapel of the Cross, Stolte Shed and Charlie Baker Arboretum for the education and enjoyment of the public.



• Cash and Publicly Traded Securities
• Real and Personal Property
• Bequests
• Life Insurance Policies
•Charitable Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities are accepted, subject to PTF's Gift Policy.

A gift to The Pioneer Town Foundation is one that continues to give to the Society, helping to insure its financial future.



Volunteer Time
Memorial Gifts
Gifts of historical items or artifacts
Cash Gifts


PTF is a Colorado non-profit corporation that has been granted a tax-exempt status by the IRS. Gifts to it, for the most part, are tax deductible. The Foundation was formed to gather, manage and invest assets from which the net earnings are given to the Society. The Board of Directors of PTF consists of local individuals who have expertise in finance, legal matters, management, and fund raising. PTF's earnings provide the Society a predictable on-going stream of income to assist it in its operations.
PTF works closely with individuals, attorneys, accountants and professional financial advisors in order to achieve a donor's goals.



WCCF, headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, is an organization that was formed to fill a need for a regional approach to long-term charitable giving on the Western Slope. It pools charitable funds and invests them for the community's future. Some years ago, a Named Fund was established with WCCF for the benefit of The Surface Creek Valley Historical Society's Chapel of the Cross. The Society draws funds from this account to use for the benefit of the Chapel and surrounding grounds. Additional contributions to this Named Fund may be made at any time and in any amount by individuals, corporations, estate or trust. A memo notation of "Chapel Fund of Surface Creek Valley Historical Society" must accompany any contributions.

Recent Accomplishments

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2020 was the landmark, 40th Anniversary for our Historical Society. Conceived by a small group of Surface Creek Valley residents, the society was incorporated in 1980.  The group recognized that a large number of historic artifacts were being lost to garage sales, trash bins, or erosion from weather and time.

They held a series of meetings, drafted articles of incorporation and bylaws, elected officers, and submitted their documents to the Colorado Secretary of State.  From that small beginning has come an active historical society currently with 250 members that owns and operates a nearly 6-acre Pioneer Town Museum, incorporating the Chapel of the Cross, the Stolte Packing Shed, the Charlie Baker Arboretum, the Dick McGuire Pergola, and the Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byways Welcome Center, and so much more.

Accomplishments over the past 40 years are the result of volunteer efforts, and that continues today.  Please consider volunteering your time and effort as we begin the journey toward the next 40 years.

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