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The Pioneer Town Museum is staffed, operated, and maintained by an amazing community of volunteers.  It is owned and funded by the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society.  Pioneer Town is an educational feature of how early settlers in the valley lived.  Pioneer Town continues to evolve, and its existence is due to the volunteers, members, and donors that support it.


Maintain and improve an accurate repository for the preservation of the history of Surface Creek Valley and operate Pioneer Town Museum, Welcome Center, Chapel of the Cross, Stolte Shed and Charlie Baker Arboretum for the education and enjoyment of the public.



Volunteer Time
Memorial Gifts
Gifts of historical items or artifacts
Cash Gifts

The Board of Directors meet at the Stolte Shed on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm. Members are welcome to join in on these meetings. 



WCCF, headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, is an organization that was formed to fill a need for a regional approach to long-term charitable giving on the Western Slope. It pools charitable funds and invests them for the community's future. Some years ago, a Named Fund was established with WCCF for the benefit of The Surface Creek Valley Historical Society's Chapel of the Cross. The Society draws funds from this account to use for the benefit of the Chapel and surrounding grounds. Additional contributions to this Named Fund may be made at any time and in any amount by individuals, corporations, estate or trust. A memo notation of "Chapel Fund of Surface Creek Valley Historical Society" must accompany any contributions.

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