Group Tours

We can accomodate any size group.  Cost is $3 per person and docent guide/storytellers are provided.  We generally split large groups into 6-8 per group for touring the Museum Complex to allow everyone a chance to see everything in all of our buildings and allow opportunities to ask questions and have discussions.

There is handicap access to most areas of Pioneer Town except for the upstairs of the States Museum and upstairs of the Stolte Shed. The guided tours generally run about an hour and a half, but can be trimmed if time is a concern.

There is a pavilion area next to the Sutherland Indian Museum that can be used for picnic lunches with prior arrangement. For tours travelling into our area from other locales, we can assist with information on local accommodations, food, and other venues to make your visit to the area a memorable one.

School Tours

We encourage all Delta County School classes to visit Pioneer Town.  The history of the Surface Creek Valley that Pioneer Town provides is a valuable educational tool for students as they tour the buildings and grounds of the Museum.

Tours can be arranged either at the end of the school terms in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May just ahead of Pioneer Town's opening for the season, or at the start of the school term in August and September before Pioneer Town closes for the winter months.


Groups are split into 6-8 students with docent guide/storytellers provided.  We also have "kid guides" who assist the older docents with the student tours.  We allow plenty of opportunity for interaction and discussions. Tours can run 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on time available. Fees are nominal, $1 per student, but never limiting those students who can not afford the admission fee.  Please call for further information.

Eat your sack lunches at the Pavilion! The Pergola area with tables and chairs are available with prior arrangement.



Please contact for information and arrangements